General Information:

All courses can be done up to B.Min Honors in English and France, Certificate and Diploma are available in Afrikaans. (Certificate in Ministry expected from 2014).

Diploma in Ministry (a raise or drop on subjects prices can be expected from 2014)


BTH in: Theology (a raise or drop on subjects prices can be expected from 2014)


• Ministry

• Apostolic

• Prophetic

• Christian Education

• Christian Entrepreneurship

• Christian Counseling

• Women’s Ministry

• B.Min Honors in Ministry


Master’s Degree and PhD. Degree can be done further through the University of Team Impact itself.


First National Bank, a division of First Rand Bank Ltd, offers various study loans. For those interested please contact them for more information.


Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Gap Year 2014

• Certificate and Diploma in One year.


Course Fees:

• To assure space all students’ applications with 10% deposit of the year fees need to be paid by the 15th of November 2014.

• Accommodation plus three meals:

    Private rooms (10 rooms, 2 students per room) R 1 1000.00 p.m. per person, for 11 months = R 121 000.00

    Sharing (7 rooms, 4 students per room)  R 9 000.00 p.m. per person, for 11 months = R 99 000.00


This Package Includes:

• Certificate & Diploma in one year

• Apostolic Mentoring

• Apostolic Practical project training

• Outreaches

• Accommodation with three meals

• 1 x Work shop training in the arts (R 3 000.00 extra)

• Graduation Fees (R 300 extra)



Attend class from the comfort of your own home through virtual classrooms (online)

Requirements for this course: Working Desktop Computer/Laptop/Tablet with VoIP.

Classes for the deaf and blind will also presented, if demand is high enough.


Course Fees:

• 10% Deposit before 15 November 2014 to ensure space in a classrooms.

• 5 x 45 minute-classes per week – R 1 500.00 p.m. for 11 months = R 16 500.

• Graduation Fee: R 300 extra.


We offer the opportunity for students to be mentored, challenged, counseled and also finish their Certificate and Diploma in one year if they would like to.

Distance learning

For the self-disciplined students that know they can work on their own, maybe does not have a specific time frame to work from and therefore want to finish their certificate and Diploma in two years.


Course Fees:

• R 300.00 per subject

• Graduation Fees R 300.00 extra


Information on the subjects will be sent on request.

Qualification for credits can be viewed under certain conditions put down by the University.


Study material on all subjects to be posted via speed service - 15% of the total order (in South Africa).

Postage to areas outside South Africa to be quoted.


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