About Alpha & Omega Christian Bible College

We believe in the Apostolic approach—Bringing the Kingdom of God to the World.




Alpha & Omega Christian Bible College offers you the chance to be trained in:

• Breaking Ground

• Move in the Five—Fold Ministry

• Unity—Preparing the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ



We make use of the Team Impact Louisiana (USA) study material, therefore the qualifications are internationally accepted.


Dean and Senior Lecturer

Dr. Gerrit and Ps. Gerda Dippenaar

Dean: Certificate Theology, Diploma in Ministry, BTH in Christian Counseling, Masters Degree in Christian Education.


Senior Lecturer: Certificate in Ministry, Diploma in Ministry, BTH in Apostolic, BTH in Prophetic, BTH in Christian Education, BTH in Christian Entrepreneurship, B.Min. Honors in Ministry, Masters Degree in Apostolic Ministry. Busy with doctorate in Christian Ministry.




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